Finally picked my ticket up for the Vader show next week. I first went to see them live about four years ago. I didn’t know anything about them & knew none of their songs & they blew my mind that night. Plus they ended the show with the best Slayer cover song I had ever heard by any band (Reign in Blood)! The following day I picked up their back catalogue & at that point Vader became one of my top metal bands. I’m not a huge death metal fan, but calling Vader death metal is cutting them short.

What I like about Vader is that they actually have songs that you can remember long after listening to them. Unlike most other death metal bands out there, Vader actually have song structure. After 10 minutes of listening to blast beats from most other death metal & grindcore bands, I get bored. Plus their new album Necropolis is amazing & there is absolutely no filler material on it.

Funny how some bands like Vader, Napalm Death, & Obituary get better with age. I like the new albums more by these bands than what they were putting out 15 years ago (must be the sobriety). Barney’s vocals in Napalm Death sound better on the new album TIme Waits for No Slave then Utopia Banished.

So go out & get the new Vader album (they do a killer version of Fight Fire With Fire) & check them out when they come to your town. You wont be disappointed.