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The Big Four is a big waste…..

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With Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax doing some festival dates in Europe right now, it got me thinking. Why in the bloody hell are fans wasting their hard earned dollars to see this shit. Megadeth without Chris Poland or Marty Freidman, and Anthrax milking the Joey Belladonna era without Dan Spitz. I dunno…..just seems a lil’ bittersweet, and a quick money grab to me. I guess if people are that hell bent on hearing all their favorite hits from the top four thrash bands from the 80′s in one sitting, then it’s all worth it. For me, I would much rather see a “big four” tour of today’s thrash breed.

I still think a Thrash tour of Municipal Waste, Bonded By Blood, Warbringer, and Toxic Holocaust would be a hot bill. Obviously, not the same level of the 80′s big four, but those bands wont be able to tour forever, and as the final curtain call comes-a-callin’ for them, we need to support the new generation of shit kickers. Oh well, at least I still have my ticket for the Exodus / Bonded By Blood show coming up in August, so screw Sonicsphere.

All the beef in the past with Dave Mustaine, and Lars Ulrich that has transpired, and now they are doing these festivals together. The tender feelings I get thinking of those two sharing the same stage together,  just makes me want to crank up this oh-so awesome song.


Toxic Holocaust with a side of fries….

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Still not tired yet of these Portland misfits. Although I do wish they would get off the road already and put a new album out, as I have worn out my copy of An Overdose Of Death. For those of you who yearn for the days of mid 80′s thrash, you will love everything about this band. Toxic Holocaust are a three piece band headed by main man, and Vince Neil-circa ’83 look alike Joel Grind. They’ve been around for awhile, but only achieved notoriety in the last couple of years by touring relentlessly.

Toxic put out raw, fast, thrash like no other trends have happened over the last 20 years in metal. If you love post apocalyptic lyrics where the toxic avenger saves the day, then this will be right up your alley. I have seen Toxic Holocaust four times last year, and still cant get enough of them live. Highly recommended for any old school Exodus, Whiplash, or Dark Angel fans. The boys are presently doing some dates with Danzig in the US, so if you still for whatever reason have not seen them yet, do it.


Thrashing in Japan…

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If you’re a thrash fan living in Japan, then here is some news that will get you doing the toxic waltz right about now. The tour is dubbed Extreme Dojo & will hit three cities in Japan this spring. The bill consists of the three new school thrash bands on the scene right now….Toxic Holocaust, Municipal Waste, & Warbringer.  These three bands are all unique in their own way, even though they have all been lumped in the thrash genre. Toxic Holocaust mix Pleasure of the Flesh style thrash with a lil of the ol sloppy, Hellhammerish black metal. Warbringer is more of a fun, D.R.I crossover angle. While Warbringer is straight up Defiance, & Paul Baloff era Exodus.