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Gary Holt and Slayer….

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Man, I got wind of this last night. Gary Holt has been brought on board for Slayer’s Australian five date tour. Gary is temporarily  filling in for Jeff Hanneman on guitar, as Jeff is recuperating after some recent major surgery. As much as I love Jeff on guitar in Slayer, seeing Gary thrashing away next to Tom Araya will be a spectacle to behold. I love Slayer and Exodus both equally, so this pairing is a match made in heaven for me. I would love to see this line up in North America, but that ain’t gonna happen by a long shot. Time to crank some Fabulous Disaster.


Exodus at the Rickshaw….

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I was on the fence about going to see Exodus at the Rickshaw Theater tomorrow, as I have seen them a few times already. After viewing some footage from their blistering set at Wacken 2008, how can I not go. Gary Holt and Rob Dukes are a brute force on record, and to witness them in a live setting, is a spectacle in itself. Gary’s guitar tone is mammoth, and Rob has this voice that could move mountains (he even looks like a mountain!).

You gotta hand it to the original San Fran thrash kings, as 25 years later, they are still putting out quality material. The new stuff for me is just as, if not more superior all the way around in terms of song writing and sonics. The last three albums Exodus has put out is some of their best work. Plus, the new school Thrash merchants Bonded By Blood are opening the show, so all the more reason to not sit at home.

Anyways, check out Exodus playing my favorite song of theirs “Black List” in front of 30,000 German metal heads and tell me different.


Metal up your pyramid scheme……

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Tom Vu is the original OG Thrash gangsta, as you will soon find after watching these videos. If you weren’t around in the early 90′s, then you failed to witness Mr. Vu’s awesome infomercial schemes on how to get rich quick. You’re probably saying to yourself “hey jackass, I’ve seen plenty of late night real estate, investment infomercials”. Trust me, you ain’t seen them as legit as this.

Now, what has Tom Vu got to do with all that is metal??  Well, with all the false posers out there claiming to be “true”, Mr. Vu is the Manowar of the pyramid schemes. Up and coming metal bands could look at this, and tell themselves “If I truly apply myself, I too can one day open up for Disturbed, or Avenged Sevenfold”. Think of these as the greatest motivational videos a young metalcore, deathcore, or screamo band can learn from. So grab a pen, pad of paper, and get ready to take notes. Class is in session.


Toxic Holocaust with a side of fries….

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Still not tired yet of these Portland misfits. Although I do wish they would get off the road already and put a new album out, as I have worn out my copy of An Overdose Of Death. For those of you who yearn for the days of mid 80′s thrash, you will love everything about this band. Toxic Holocaust are a three piece band headed by main man, and Vince Neil-circa ’83 look alike Joel Grind. They’ve been around for awhile, but only achieved notoriety in the last couple of years by touring relentlessly.

Toxic put out raw, fast, thrash like no other trends have happened over the last 20 years in metal. If you love post apocalyptic lyrics where the toxic avenger saves the day, then this will be right up your alley. I have seen Toxic Holocaust four times last year, and still cant get enough of them live. Highly recommended for any old school Exodus, Whiplash, or Dark Angel fans. The boys are presently doing some dates with Danzig in the US, so if you still for whatever reason have not seen them yet, do it.


It’s Official – Joey Belladonna is back on the dead horse…err…Anthrax….

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F**k….now I have to put up with another year of these douche bags hawking another one of their greatest hits compilations, cause they cant get their shit together to put out a new album. On top of that I have to put up with seeing Joey B’s half mike stand (these eye sores should be banned in metal) on the main stage of some shitty summer fest.

Dan Spitz is too smart to be involved in this again, as he knows a dead horse when he sees one. Anthrax is like the Spinal Tap of thrash, maybe this time they’ll play their crossover version of space odyssey live. Make sure you show up early as they go on before the puppet show.


Lil Jon crunks out the Slayer….

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This song is the musical equivalent of a crackhead doing calisthenics in front of a bunch of kids playing hop scotch. It’s just crazy and nasty. It’s nice to see the Biohazard/Onyx style still being kept alive fifteen years later. This song is like the extra bonus track on the Judgement Night Soundtrack (still the best soundtrack ever released).

Lil Jon represents all styles, as he actually loves his Bad Brains and Slayer, much as he does his Wu-Tang. The guy’s got more anger and ferociousness in his voice than most of today’s so called “metal vocalists”. That’s why his style works so well with Kerry King’s riffs on this mash-up. This is also not the first time Slayer have provided their efforts to hip hop. They did it 25 years ago for the Beastie Boys “No Sleep Till Brooklyn”.

So while the Fred Durst phonies of the world try  so desperately to legitimately bounce the two worlds of thrash n’ hip hop together, hoodlums like Lil Jon do it with sheer ease. As the crunk master deluxe would say……”Yyyeeeaahhhh”.