The Abominable Iron Sloth – The Id Will Overcome

Man this one hit me like a ton of bricks. This sludgy mass of stoner metal is done with pure, raw conviction. There are so many different styles I hear on The Id Will Overcome. From Sabbath, to Electric Wizard, ┬áto Acid Rain, all of ‘em are put in a blender and spit out in this venomous form.

I love the production on this album. The sound is raw, loud, and rugged, but doesn’t end up meshing into a senseless wall of noise. I haven’t heard vocals this demented since Kirk Fisher’s (Buzzoven fame). This leads to the only minor complaint I have in bands of this ilk. The vocals can tend to be a bit over bearing by the time one gets to the end of the record. The guitar and bass sound on this though, is like a step out of the European stoner rock time machine circa 1998. The only thing that’s missing is the cowbell.