Going to hardcore shows back in the day used to be actually a lot of fun. ¬†Whether it was Bad Brains, Sick of It All, Biohazard…..half of the show was about the audience participation. It was all about circle pits, pile ons, sing alongs. There used to be 200 kids showing up at a show, and there was no one standing in the back of the bar, they were all up front having good clean violent fun.¬†Sure there was the odd problem, but most likely is would get squashed right away.

Now it’s a whole different ball game where 200 kids show up and six or eight of them are up front swinging their arms & doing round house kicks. When one of them bumps into each other, thats when the brawls start. Where’s the fun in all that….it’s preety boring if you ask me. This recently happened at a Merauder show I went to. There were 100 kids that wanted to participate, but couldnt due to the jocks up front. And lets not beat around the bush…these are just jocks pretending to be hardcore kids, nothing less.

Although, I am starting to see a back lash towards these types of so called “hardcore fans” where some people are not tolerating this moronic behavior. There’s even “destroy jock hardcore” tshirts that Im seeing at shows. So maybe there’s hope yet to bring back the old ways. Now GET IN THE PIT!