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Space Ace still rocks….

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Even more proof why Space Ace was carrying KISS while the other three tarts were just following his lead. Ace Frehley was the coolest member of KISS, and still puts our rock solid stuff. Just check out his last album Anomaly released last year, which totally kicks ass. I celebrate the man’s entire catalogue. Even the semi-cheesy mid 80′s Frehley’s Comet stuff.

If you really wanna see Ace at the top of his game, check out his acting performance Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park. Pure fucking genius.


Questions that KISS fans want answered but are afraid to ask….

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Kiss took part in a half-hour online chat with fans a few days ago backstage from Oberhausen, Germany. The questions were your typical bullshit questions that every Kiss Army recruit asks a million times over.

I have never truly been into KISS, I guess their lyrics were too deep for me…”I wanna get down, I wanna get in your face. I wanna put my log in your fire place”. WTF!!! Gene Simmons reminds me of that 55 year old guy who drives around in his 1968 Cadillac convertible with Huey Lewis And The News blasting from the speakers on a Sunday afternoon.

If yours truly actually got a hold of the Demon and Star Child, here are some of the questions I would try to get answered:

- Did the whole 80′s KISS catalogue suck as much as I thought it did?

- Was The Elder a better concept album than Operation Mindcrime?

- Was Hollywood politics behind the reason for KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park not winning any Oscars?

- Does Paul Stanley have enough chest hair to plug the oil rig leak in the Gulf of Mexico?

- Did Gene do his own stunts in the Runaway movie, and why was that movie never turned into a franchise?

- Should the KISS Army have been sent to fight the Iraq war?

I would also ask them some non related KISS questions:

- Does using Crest Whitestrips make me more metal?

- Should hipsters have to sit in the back of the bus?

- Is Horgh from Immortal in any way related to Ricky Shroeder?

- Is Deathcore one of the worst sub genres ever invented in metal?

- Is Nadya Suleman really a douche bag?

- Should Bleeding Through be banned from all hardcore bills?


Most limp wristed album of all time….

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Most limp wristed album of all time….

There comes an album once in a life time that is so inoffensive, so sappy, so cheesy, so insulting to the intelligence, that one has to bow to its alter. No its not Slippery When Wet, or Final Countdown, or the whole 80′s KISS catalogue……its Alice Coopers most humiliating moment called Constrictor. This record my freinds epitomises pure grade A, 80′s glam rock cheese at its finest. Jon Bon only wishes he could write this limp wristed.