I used to be a fan of Great White during Jack Russel’s golden years (1986-1991). Now its a whole other story, as playings arenas, and platinum selling albums are just a distant memory for this wild bunch. The spandex, hair, leather jackets, cowboy boots, plush tour buses are all gone. They’ve been traded in for bellys’s that flop over the belt, bald spots, and mustaches. My how the glam world has changed.

For some strange reason, all these 80′s rock bands have found the need to keep doing it till the wheels fall off. It’s something you don’t see in a lot of other genres. Sure, you might see an old hip-hop, or grunge band from the 90′s doing the odd one off festival show, but not full on tours, or releasing mediocre albums year after year, with only a handful of the original members remaining. I say it’s great if you can go out with all the original members, and play with the same intensity you did way back, but when you put on performances like the one you are about to see, you have to ask yourself “is it about time to call it a day?”

To me 80′s glam bands bands are like The Simpsons of the hard rock world. They don’t know when to hang it up, and just keep beating a dead horse. They remind me of that one house guest at a party, that doesn’t know when to leave. There should be more bands following Jerry Seinfeld’s lead. Jerry decided to end Seinfeld on a high note, rather then milk the show for another ten years. Total class.

Its sad to see a once fine institution reduced to a laughing stock, as you will see in this video on the 2:12 minute mark. The sound quality is garbage, but the footage is brilliant.