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My Appetite For Destruction….

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I finally finished reading My Appetite For Destruction, and I have to say it was a damn fine read. When I found out last year that my favorite member of the original Guns N Roses line up Steven Adler was putting out his own book, the sixteen year old in me jumped for joy.

Steven doesn’t leave any stone unturned in this book, as he talks about everything from his early childhood upbringing to his final days in one of the biggest rock bands on the planet. My favorite parts of the book are Stevens stories about his relationship with Axl Rose, and the early road tours pre-platinum albums. What was it like touring with The Cult, Motley Crue, and Iron Maiden? It’s here in all its ugly glory.

The only nit pick I have is that, I wish Steven gave more pages to his relationship with Izzy, and Duff as much as he did with Axl and Slash. Also his days of working with Davy Vain in 1991 as part of the Road Crew project are a lil’ skimmed over. Other than that, I think the book does well in painting a picture of one of the most decadent periods of hard rock music.

The orgies, the drugs, the alcohol, get some major talking time in this biography. It’s pretty much a tell all, which I love to hear in my rock n roll biography’s. There will never be another time like the late 80′s hard rock scene, and Steven Adler puts a stamp of approval on that. Highly recommended read for any hardcore GNR fan.

Rating: 8/10


Iron Maiden set list for current tour….

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Iron Maiden just started their tour a few days ago in Texas in support of their new album The Final Frontier. Let me tell ya’….what a weak ass set list that has been constructed on this tour, my fellow droogs. Over 75% is material after 2000, and that equals a snore fest for me. I am all for bands playing fresh material, but there should be a good balance between old, and new stuff.

Does Iron Maiden really think that most fans want to hear songs off Brave New World, Dance Of Death, and The Final Frontier for a two hour set? I know, most of you are scratching your heads, and wondering what these albums are. Well, for you casual fans, you’ll be glad to know that Maiden has been releasing sub par albums for the last 10 years. I know there is a small contingent that will put me on a stake for saying all of this, as they love the whole Maiden back catalogue, even the mediocre stuff. The only problem is that Maiden are not playing for just the the 200 hardcore fans, but for the 20,000 in the arena.

I can understand Iron Maiden not wanting to be a vaudeville act, but why not play certain songs that were left off on the last tour. Classic tracks like Flight of Icarus, Revelations, Prowler, Wrathchild, and Moonchild, etc. The Dallas set a few nights ago consisted of just five vintage songs, and those were tacked on at the end of the set.

Oh well, I think I’ll just stay home and watch the Live In Rio DVD, instead of sitting through this:

01. The Wicker Man
02. The Ghost Of The Navigator
03. Brighter Than A Thousand Suns
04. El Dorado
05. Paschendale
06. The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg
07. These Colours Don’t Run
08. Blood Brothers
09. Wildest Dreams
10. No More Lies
11. Brave New World
12. Fear Of The Dark
13. Iron Maiden


14. The Number Of the Beast
15. Hallowed Be Thy Name
16. Running Free


Iron Maiden & Dream Theatre…..They go together like nuts & gum

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For “true” metal fans (I hate that term….BARF!), this Iron Maiden & Dream Theatre tour is their wet dream come true. This is a pairing of atomic proportions my friends.  It’s like the leaders of the dungeons & dragons themes meets the prog metal maestros. The only difference between the last Iron Maiden tour and this one is that they will be playing new songs off their record that is being released soon. I will decide to see this tour when I hear the new batch of songs, as Maiden will most likely be playing many of the new songs live and I don’t want it to be a snooze fest, as the last two records were let downs for me.

The show I caught two years ago was perfect as it was just songs from 1978 – 1991 (what more could a Maiden fan ask for!). As for Dream Theatre, its not that I hate their style of proggy metal, it’s just that I cant handle more then 5 minutes of their singer James LeBrie’s operatic vocals (the thing I hate most about prog metal bands of this ilk). With that said guitarist John Petrucci & drummer Mike Portnoy are musical gods that should not be messed with in a sound off. This tour of course will sell out all across Western America as Iron Maiden are now on top & more popular then they were in the eighties. Who knows, maybe this time out they’ll add my fave song on their set list Revelations.