In the mid 80′s, my best friend in junior high Dan always tried to get me into a young band at the time called Overkill. The glam loving fool I was, would not have any of it. Fastforward to 1991, and Overkill released their seminal great “Horrorscope”, and man was I converted. That record reeked of awesomeness. Totally heavy with grooves so deep even Tony Iommi would take notice. The gem on the whole record is the title track “Horrorscope”. The song is basically a slow, grinding, sinister number that still holds up twenty years later.

The secret to this band is the unique, raspy, and oh-so heavy stylings of Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth. The man is one of the best thrash vocalists to ever come out of the 80′s thrash scene. Too bad Bobby has never gotten the recognition he deserves in the metal world. Anyway, check out the track below and tell me different.