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Original Alice In Chains bassist Mike Star dead…..

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Original Alice In Chains bassist Mike Starr was found dead today in Salt Lake City. It’s sad knowing that half of the original Alice In Chains line up is now officially gone. Mike Starr was a huge factor in the gold era of Alice In Chains (1989 – 1992). Mike’s bass playing was stamped all over the first two albums Facelift, and Dirt. Just listen to songs like “Would” and “Bleed The Freak” and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Mike played a big part in creating the signature sound of early AIC.

I only got to see the definitive Alice In Chains line up once back in the fall of 1992 when the came to Vancouver opening up for Van Halen, and to this day I can never forget the awesome chemistry on stage that Sean Kinney, Jerry Cantrell, Layne Staley, and Mike Starr had. I’ve seen them a few times over the years after that performance, but it was never the same. Seeing Mike on Celebrity Rehab was truly sad, as he looked to be in rough shape. I was hoping he would come out ok, but sadly it was not to be. R.I.P Mike Starr.


Alice In Chains live…

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Checked out Alice In Chains last week in Vancouver. The last time I saw them live was about seventeen years ago on the Lollapalooza ’93 tour. The only difference was the vocalist on stage, but other then that, my mind was blown as usual by one of Seattle’s finest. It was a great night all around, as the 10,000 fans in attendance at Rogers Arena were locked in on every note the band played.

Gone was the almighty Layne Staley (died of a drug over dose eight years ago), and in was William DuVall. Where Layne’s tortured bellows are gone from the mix, William’s soulful voice is a great addition to the bands slow and sludgy noise. Jerry Cantrell’s uniquely heavy guitar sound was up front in the mix, as well as his great vocal harmonies. My favorite sight to behold of all though was drummer Sean Kinney, who lead the charge with his patented drum style that has yet to be replicated. Sean kept the tempo slow, and in the pocket throughout the evening. The man is seriously one of the most under rated drummers of all time.

Opening the show, were The Deftones who were awesome as usual. Lead vocalist Chino is still ‘da man after all these years, and the band have that heavy, locked in groove in abundance every time I see them, and this performance was no exception. Plus they played my new favorite song of there’s “Rollerskates”. I caught the last few songs from Mastodon….meh.

Alice In Chains have gotten a second chance that so many bands would kill for out there, especially ones that have the lead singer replaced. That one is usually the death knell for a band. Somehow AIC have fallen in the AC/DC, and Van Halen category, in that not only have they moved on, but have prospered greatly. Good for them.


The almighty Layne Staley….

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Found this great footage of Layne Staley taking care of some kid in the audience who was making some nazi gestures in the front row. There will never be another voice like Laynes…ever. My run in with Alice In Chains happened when they opended up for Van Halen in Vancouver in November of 1991. The audience not so much hated them…they just couldnt figure out what noise was coming from the stage. Every time they would finish a song, there would be silence in the audience as they did not know what to make of Alice In Chains. At the time I never heard anything remotley close from a singer then what Layne was doing with his voice. It was sad, melodic, & desperate all at once.