Been cranking up the brand new Electric Wizard the past few weeks, and I just cant seem to get enough of it. These British doom merchants have been out there blasting the dark space riffs  for the past fifteen years, but Black Mass is their most grooviest album to date.

This hellfire of a release is a much different affair then say the earlier releases Dopethone and Let Us Prey. While those two records were more on the heavy doom side of things, Black Mass sees them marching to the locked in groove of mid 90′s Fu Manchu. The riffs sway back n forth, while the choruses jump at you one after another, all the while keeping the aura evil and eerie as possible. This album will make you drop your gun and pick up a bong.

The two songs that sorta set the vibe of the whole album are  ”Black Mass” and “Venus In Furs”. These stoner rock anthems got locked in my head immediately after first listen. The only nit pick I have with this record is the production. It kinda sounds messy and mid level, and could been mixed a lil better for more of a thicker, cleaner sound. Otherwise, another solid batch of groovy tracks by the doom wizards. Now if only they would release this on 8-track.

Rating: 8/10