Just checked out Killing Joke last week, and man did they put on one hell of a show. The band played in of  my favorite places in Vancouver see shows, called The Venue. A great size place, with excellent sound. The show was almost sold out, kinda nice to see that that one of the seminal goth/industrial/punk pioneers have not been forgotten. Jaz and the boys blew my mind five years ago when they made a stop over in Vancouver back in 2003. I promised myself I would never miss another show of theirs. This time they played  one of my favorite Killing Joke songs ever  ”Eighties”!!

Thirty years later and the band are still going strong, as the new album Absolute Dissent and live show are both very strong, and can show the youngins out there how it’s supposed to be done. I always though the secret weapon in Killing Joke was their guitarist Geordie, If their is such a thing as the “signature” Killing Joke sound, then it revolves around Geordie. The lush surreal guitar tones clashing with the industrial sounds of the other members makes for one hell of a sweet racket. The industrial flame still lives on after all these years.