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Would the real grind kings please stand up…..

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When it comes to keeping the putrid Carcass dream alive, none serve it as well as Spain’s own Haemorrhage. The chances of seeing them live in the US are as good as Barney Greenway being nominated as a judge on American Idol, so this live video is as good as it gets people. The band’s vocalist Lugubrious is one of the most animated grinds vocalists out there. The cool thing about Haemorrhage is, that unlike most death metal / grindcore bands, they stick a little humour in their stage presence and songs while still remaining heavy as f**k. All hail Spains finest!


The almighty thrash kings Overkill…

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In the mid 80′s, my best friend in junior high Dan always tried to get me into a young band at the time called Overkill. The glam loving fool I was, would not have any of it. Fastforward to 1991, and Overkill released their seminal great “Horrorscope”, and man was I converted. That record reeked of awesomeness. Totally heavy with grooves so deep even Tony Iommi would take notice. The gem on the whole record is the title track “Horrorscope”. The song is basically a slow, grinding, sinister number that still holds up twenty years later.

The secret to this band is the unique, raspy, and oh-so heavy stylings of Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth. The man is one of the best thrash vocalists to ever come out of the 80′s thrash scene. Too bad Bobby has never gotten the recognition he deserves in the metal world. Anyway, check out the track below and tell me different.


My Appetite For Destruction….

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I finally finished reading My Appetite For Destruction, and I have to say it was a damn fine read. When I found out last year that my favorite member of the original Guns N Roses line up Steven Adler was putting out his own book, the sixteen year old in me jumped for joy.

Steven doesn’t leave any stone unturned in this book, as he talks about everything from his early childhood upbringing to his final days in one of the biggest rock bands on the planet. My favorite parts of the book are Stevens stories about his relationship with Axl Rose, and the early road tours pre-platinum albums. What was it like touring with The Cult, Motley Crue, and Iron Maiden? It’s here in all its ugly glory.

The only nit pick I have is that, I wish Steven gave more pages to his relationship with Izzy, and Duff as much as he did with Axl and Slash. Also his days of working with Davy Vain in 1991 as part of the Road Crew project are a lil’ skimmed over. Other than that, I think the book does well in painting a picture of one of the most decadent periods of hard rock music.

The orgies, the drugs, the alcohol, get some major talking time in this biography. It’s pretty much a tell all, which I love to hear in my rock n roll biography’s. There will never be another time like the late 80′s hard rock scene, and Steven Adler puts a stamp of approval on that. Highly recommended read for any hardcore GNR fan.

Rating: 8/10


Space Ace still rocks….

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Even more proof why Space Ace was carrying KISS while the other three tarts were just following his lead. Ace Frehley was the coolest member of KISS, and still puts our rock solid stuff. Just check out his last album Anomaly released last year, which totally kicks ass. I celebrate the man’s entire catalogue. Even the semi-cheesy mid 80′s Frehley’s Comet stuff.

If you really wanna see Ace at the top of his game, check out his acting performance Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park. Pure fucking genius.