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The lost art of the tour programs….

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One of the best things about going to hard rock shows in the 80′s was getting the tour programs. I was never the one to get a shirt each time I went to a show. I mean, how many black shirts does one really need? My prized posession is my Motley Crue Girls, Girls, Girls Tour 87 program. Still in mint condition 23 years later. Actually most of my tour programs from back then are in pretty solid condition, and would fetch a fair price on Ebay. That is not an option, as I would never part with them anyways.

Since arena shows are few and far between, I go to mostly club shows now, and bands these days no longer create print material to sell at the merch booth. It’s too bad, cause the ones from the 80′s that I own, were really well done. They were glossy, beautiful large books, and the photos were usually ones you would not see otherwise, and some cool backstage pix as well. These programs were a really good time peice of the band. Im hoping the tour program is bought back from the grave soon at future merch booths across the world.


Ozzy Osbourne and an army of guidos….

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Being a closet Jersey Shore and Snookie fan, I was very exited to check out the special guest appearance episode this week with none other than Ozzy Osbourne. I thought  hoping there would be some sort of on screen romance with Snookie and Ozzy, but it was sadly not to be. Instead, the verbal war got started on the dinner table. Ozzy is the original Guido, and respect needs to be given to da man. Oh yeah….Snookie still rules, so check yourself.


Nergal and the mighty Behemoth….

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Sad news to report. Guitarist/vocalist Nergal of Poland’s mighty BEHEMOTH has confirmed that he is suffering from life-threatening leukemia. This totally sucks, but I’m hoping the brother gets through this one way or another. I have seen Behemoth twice in Vancouver, and both times had a chance to chat with the bloke, and found him to be nothing but a cool, down to earth person. Watching Nergal perform is another thing all together, as he has this totally menacing, and evil aura about him on stage. A true metal warrior if there ever was one.

Behemoth are a band that cannot be defined in one specific genre. They are all over the place. Call em Death Metal, Black Metal, but don’t call em late to the party. This band annihilates live, and takes no prisoners. All hail the dark lords Behemoth!


F**k you Ted….

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King douche bag Ted Nugent is going to have to fork over $1,750 for a fine after pleading no contest in California to baiting a deer and not having a properly signed hunting tag.

California Department of Fish and Game spokesman Patrick Foy says game wardens saw Nugent kill an immature buck on a February episode of his Outdoor Channel TV show “Spirit of the Wild.”

Investigators found that the deer had been eating bait called “C’mere Deer.” Baiting wildlife is illegal in California.

Nugent originally faced 11 charges, including killing a deer too young to be hunted. In a deal with Yuba County prosecutors, Nugent’s attorney on Friday entered no contest pleas to the two misdemeanors.

I hope Bigfoot attacks Ted one day in the wild, and it’s all video taped. Proving that Bigfoot does exist, and getting to see Ted at the tail end of the hunt.


Exodus at the Rickshaw….

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I was on the fence about going to see Exodus at the Rickshaw Theater tomorrow, as I have seen them a few times already. After viewing some footage from their blistering set at Wacken 2008, how can I not go. Gary Holt and Rob Dukes are a brute force on record, and to witness them in a live setting, is a spectacle in itself. Gary’s guitar tone is mammoth, and Rob has this voice that could move mountains (he even looks like a mountain!).

You gotta hand it to the original San Fran thrash kings, as 25 years later, they are still putting out quality material. The new stuff for me is just as, if not more superior all the way around in terms of song writing and sonics. The last three albums Exodus has put out is some of their best work. Plus, the new school Thrash merchants Bonded By Blood are opening the show, so all the more reason to not sit at home.

Anyways, check out Exodus playing my favorite song of theirs “Black List” in front of 30,000 German metal heads and tell me different.


The mood on the block….

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I mean…why drag the kid down with you.

Parking lot at a Tegan and Sara show an hour before the doors open.

Heading out to the first date of Pantera’s Far Beyond Driven tour ’94.


Wrestling Theme Songs….

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Back in the old WWF wrestling days of the 80′s, my favorite entrance by any wrestler was Hulk Hogan. Not because he flexed his 28″ biceps, or ripped his yellow shirt in the middle of the ring, it was because of his entrance song “Real American”. This song raised my spirit, like no other wrestling theme song had done before. It made my wanna drink my milk, take my vitamins, and say my prayers.

The entrance song basically identifed the wrestlers that walked down the aisle, represented who they were, and their values they were going to bring into the ring. The good guys would have upbeat songs (Hulk Hogan, Junkyard Dog), and the bad guys would have slow, grinding music (Undertaker, Kane). It fit the mood of the wrestler basically. Fast forward tweny years alter, and not much has changed.

Although my passion for wrestling has waned over the years, I still keep my ears open to discovering new songs that I will enjoy over a hot chocolate, and a graham cracker. My new favorite is CM Punk’s entrance theme called “This Fire Burns”. It’s kinda’ ironic, as the song is by one of the most douchiest bands out there, Killswitch Engage. I despise this band, but quite enjoy what they have done with this song.

So sit back, put your loved one in a camel clutch, or a figure four leg lock, and enjoy the soft, subtle tones of “This Fire Burns”.


All hail Witch Cross….

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Witch Cross are one my top favorites from the early – mid 80′s New Wave Of British Heavy Metal crop. They took the best parts of Saxon, Riot, Paul Di’anno era Iron Maiden, late 70′s Judas Priest, and made it their own. Who knew that Denmark could produce such a gem of a band. If you miss the days of mid 80′s heavy metal, then this is your wet dream come true. Too bad the band only released one album in 1984 called Fit For Fight, but man what an album it was. Not a stinker in sight.

The key ingredient to this band was lead vocalist Alex Madsen. Listening to Alex’s soaring, majestic vocals give me this strong feeling of what it would be like to ride a unicorn under a rainbow while eating a Twinkie. Truly one of the most under rated singers of the NWOBHM.

Anyways, some record label out there needs to re-release this, as you can only find it on eBay for a whopping $80. It’s worth it though. This old school 80′s metal style needs to be kept alive, so that these younger douche bag screamo bands out there know the real deal. Long may you ride Witch Cross.


Napalm Death Australian Tour….

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Napalm Death is headed back down under to put the grind into Australia again. It’s been three long years since they hit the southern shores! Barney and the gang consistently put on solid shows. I have seen them on and off for the last twenty years, and the never seem to disappoint. So for all you Aussies out there who bow to the core, get your asses down to your local dives to witness the beautiful bloody mess that is Napalm Death.


Sep 01 2010, Amplifier Bar – Perth, Australia
Sep 02 2010, Fowler’s Live – Adelaide, Australia
Sep 03 2010, The Hifi – Brisbane, Australia
Sep 04 2010, The Factory – Sydney, Australia
Sep 05 2010, The Hifi – Melbourne, Australia


Smash LA……..

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Still waiting for the Smash L.A. reunion. I see so many shitty bands getting back together, but none of the really important ones. Smash L.A. was a west coast Canadian band fronted by Johnny Harley, who was my favorite vocalist in the late 80′s. The man had it all…that hair, that face, that voice, the over flowing charisma….oh my. Johnny was like the David Lee Roth of Canada, and should have been a house hold name, but alas it was not to be.

The first time I heard of Smash L.A. was back around 1989, when the Pepsi Power Hour on Muchmusic played their video for “Break’n All The Rules”. After watching the video, I hauled my ass to Frankie & Johnny’s in Calgary one night to witness all the glam rock glory live. Smash L.A. was the west coast’s best kept secret next to Tommy Floyd, and Age Of Electric. Seeing this video again, brings back memories of the old Frankie & Johnny’s, Rock Cellar, and Club Soda days….fuck I’m aging my self right now, so I’ll just shut the fuck up. But yeah….Smash L.A. reunion. Hope it happens in my lifetime.