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Cancer Bats – Bears, Mayors, Scraps & Bones

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Cancer Bats – Bears, Mayors, Scraps & Bones

This is blunt force trauma on wax. From the get go of the first track “Sleep This Way”, this album doesn’t let up for a second. It sways and grooves with the best of em’. Describing Cancer bats sound is pretty tough, as it”s all over the place, and this album is no different. It sways like a more rugged Vulgar Display Of Power, old Refused, to Time Heals Nothing-era Crowbar. My favorite track “Raised Right” is tacked on at the very end, where the band sound like their channelling Philip Anselmo’s down home Louisiana swamp tones on this one.


Corrosion Of Conformity – Reunited Animosity era line-up plays first shows in over two decades….

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Corrosion of Conformity have added three new dates to their previously announced tour dates: Oct. 7 at Starland Ballroom (Sayreville, N.J.), Oct. 8 at Chicago’s Riot Fest and Oct. 10 at Highline Ballroom in New York City.

With the twenty-fifth anniversary of the classic Animosity album approaching, the original incarnation of Corrosion of Conformity (Woody Weatherman, Mike Dean and Reed Mullin) will play their first live shows in over twenty years with the tour kick-off this week in Asheville, N.C.

The reunited trio announced earlier this month that they have recorded a new seven-inch single, “Your Tomorrow (Parts 1 and 2),” which will be available at all upcoming tour dates and via Southern Lord’s website.

Righteous Fool, featuring Mike Dean and Reed Mullin, will open all dates with other openers including Zoroaster (Asheville), Eagle Twin (Aug. 8 – 10), Black Breath (Aug. 8 – 10), Black Tusk (Raleigh), U.S. Christmas (both N.C. dates), Iron Age (Austin) and very special guests for the October dates to be announced.

Tour dates are:

July 30th         Asheville, NC                 Stella Blue

July 31st         Raleigh, NC                   The Pour House

August 8th       Los Angeles, CA            The Power Of The Riff Fest

August 10th     San Francisco, CA         DNA Lounge

August 12th     Seattle, WA                   Neumo’s

August 13th     Austin, TX                     Emo’s

August 14th     Denver, CO                   Bluebird Theater

October 7th     Sayreville, NJ                Starland Ballroom

October 8th     Chicago, IL                    Riot Fest (Double Door)

October 10th   New York, NY                Highline Ballroom


Chino Moreno and roller skates….

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Still haven’t got tired of listening to “Roller Skates” off the Deftones brilliant new album Diamond Eyes. Love the song, and love the video even more. The fact that Deftones released such an amazing big budget video in this day n’ age where the music video concept is a lost art, is pretty impressive.

They have come a long way since their first album from the mid 90′s. The boys sound better than ever, as judged on Diamond Eyes. If you miss the days of Around The Fur, you will love this album, as it’s mostly about the groove, and less on the experimental wave the band have been on, in the last few albums. Plus their performance last year in Vancouver opening for Crapknot…er….Slipknot blew me away. Deftones are tight as f**k, and groovier then ever in 2010. It also doesn’t hurt, having one of the best front men out there leading the way in your band. Chino Moreno, you still da’ man!


Hanoi Rocks…..

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This is probably one of the best versions I have heard of a Ramones song ever. Hanoi Rocks had it all, and if it wasn’t for a certain ding bat driving drunk in LA around 1984, Razzle and the boys would be selling out arenas all over the world. Instead, the Hanoi flame burnt out way too early.

Hanoi Rocks were the real deal my friends. The whole LA glam scene tore the aesthetics of the band apart like vultures after Hanoi broke up, and made a mockery out of the essence of these true, original glam rock kings (see back of Theatre Of Pain album cover for reference) Mike, Nasty, Razzle, Samm, Andy…..we still luv ya’.


Enuff Z’nuff double live album release causes riots in Toronto….

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Cant believe Enuff Z’nuff still stirs up this kind of raw emotion in their fans. The streets of downtown Toronto last week were littered with 80′s glam fans waiting for the record shops to open so they could be the first to get their hands on the new Enuff Z’nuff live double disk. When the stores didn’t open on time, fans took to the streets, and all hell broke loose. Many people were injured, and several more were taken to jail. It’s over zealous fans like these, that give hard rockers like myself a bad name.

I can see why fans would want to be the first ones to clamour over this album. It was recorded in front of 50,000 fans at Wembley Stadium last year, where Enuff Z’nuff played for the first time Animals With Human Intelligence live in it’s entirety. This was a fabulous performance for the ages. Donnie Vie had all 50,000 true holding their lighters up when he sang “Fly High Michelle”. Chip Z’nuff captivated the fans in the front row during his 30 minute bass solo. This two disk record captures this three hour performance in all it’s true glory.

This live album shows that Enuff Z’nuff are more relevant than ever in the music world. If you’re looking for molten steel that will melt your face off, then you have come to the right place my friends. Enuff Z’nuff will satisfy your craving for raw, savage, horns up heavy metal. Vikki Fox and the boys more than deliver, and they keep their rabid throngs of fans coming back each time.


Spend the day eating plain rice cakes, and drinking watered down kool aid….

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Might as well if you’re gonna head out to the Rock Star Energy Drink Uproar Tour. More and more of these festivals are cropping up every summer, clamouring for the same fan base. Uproar isn’t much different, as it basically is a travelling showcase of mediocre, bland bands this side of Disturbed…oh wait!…Disturbed are on this package.

This Uproar tour bill consists of Hell Yeah, Stone Sour, Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Airbourne, and a bunch of other acts not worth typing. The only decent band on this bill that I would pay to see would be Airbourne. I guess they jumped on this clusterfuck to try n’ expose themselves to a fresh new audience, instead of getting on a hard rock package. Fair enough, but as much as I would like to see these Aussie’s tear it up, I wouldn’t subject myself to the douche bag pageantry they will be surrounding themselves with all summer long.

If you’re getting a hankering for some white bread, flavorless, generic, soulless sounds, then this is your wet dream come true. Otherwise avoid at all costs.


In a non-metal mood…..

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When I’m not blasting the Napalm Death or Grave over my morning tea, I am listening to my two favorite new bands, Mode Moderne, and Veronica Falls. I’m a sucker for anything that sounds UK circa 1986 through 1991, no matter how derivative. Other styles may come and go in my life, but Brit pop is always lurking somewhere in the background.

The ingredients to Mode Moderne are simple. It involves adding one cup of Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark, half a cup of The Smiths, and a table spoon of Joy Division, and voila!…you’ve got a perfect dreamy pop milkshake. Plus, they hail from my backyard of Vancouver, so I’ve gots to support em’. For all you local Vancouverites who yearn for the stinky ol’ days of Luvafair (R.I.P.), the boys of Moderne will be right up your alley.

Veronica Falls are UK’s new shining hope, and “Beachy Head” is a brilliant pop masterpiece. I thought the youngins forgot about bands like Lush, but  I’m happy to report that all is well, and that the early 90′s Brit pop flame burns on 18 years later.


I Napoleon still rock….

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Someone posted a comment on the Sleaze Roxx board yesterday about a band that time left behind. I TOTALLY forgot about I Napoleon over the years. I used to see a few photos, and the random article on this band in the early 90′s in magazines like Metal Edge and RIP. They were signed to a major label, put one album out and vanished into thin air. If you blinked, you’d miss ‘em.

The self titled record they did put was released in 1991. This was a horrible time for hard rock bands to release albums, as grunge was coming up from behind at full speed in the fall of that year. By summer of 1992, pretty much all hard rock music, aesthetics, and media was wiped out. Some of the bands lasted a few more years, by changing their sound around completely, but eventually they were all gone. Bands like I Napoleon went down with the ship, undeservedly so. They had a sound that was a lil’ bit different from their peers at the time. They sort of fell into the Shark Island, War Babies side of things. Thinking mans hard rock?…is there even such a sub genre?!

It’s funny how so many third and fourth tier hard rock bands from twenty years ago still get name dropped, but I Napoleon has kinda been forgotten. Too bad, as they were a lot better then the dreck that was coming out at that time. I think I’m gonna dig into my cd crates, see if I still have this one, and crank it one more time.


Lords of Acid kick off Sextreme Ball; First US tour in 8 years…

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Lords of Acid and My Life with The Thrill Kill Kult kicked off the celebratory Sextreme Ball tour last night in Seattle.  This is the first outing for Lords of Acid in the U.S. in eight years and marks the fifteenth anniversary of Lords of Acid and My Life with The Thrill Kill Kult’s joint 1995 Sextacy Ball tour.

The all-star line up for Lords of Acid’s current tour includes the legendary Praga Khan, Lacey Conner (Rock of Love, Charm School), Sin Quirin (Ministry, RevCo), M3 (Powerman 5000) and Kirk Salvador (Society One).

Openers for the tour are Blownload and Vampire Freaks’ DJ Deathwish.

Upcoming tour dates:


14           Portland, OR                       Dantes

15           San Francisco, CA             DNA Lounge

16           Los Angeles, CA                 Club Nokia

18           Tucson, AZ                          Rialto

20           Salt Lake City, UT              Club Sound

21           Denver, CO                          Ogden Theater

22           Lincoln, NE                         Bourbon Theatre

23           Minneapolis, MN               Ground Zero

24           Chicago, IL                          Cubby Bear

25           Milwaukee, WI                   The Rave

27           Cleveland, OH                    Peabody’s

28           Detroit, MI                           Blondies

29           Pittsburgh, PA                    Diesel

30           New York, NY                    Gramercy Theater

31           Philadelphia, PA                 Dracula’s Ball


1              Ithaca, NY                            The Haunt

2              Baltimore, MD                    Bourbon Street

3              Fayetteville, NC                  The Rock Shop

4              Orlando, FL                         Firestone Live

5              Ft. Lauderdale, FL              The Culture Room

6              St. Petersburg, FL               State Theatre

7              Atlanta, GA                          Masquerade

8              Knoxville, TN                      The Valarium

10            San Antonio, TX                 Scout Bar

11            Houston, TX                         Scout Bar

12            Dallas, TX                            Tree’s

13            Albuquerque, NM               Sunshine Theatre

14            Phoenix, AZ                         Venue of Scottsdale

Lords of Acid photos (high resolution):


Temple of Tool….

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I didn’t plan on going to see Tool this past Saturday, but I was walking past GM Place, and bought a ticket off a scalper for dirt cheap. I hadn’t seen Tool since 1996 and, it was due time. This band has one of the most loyal audiences out there, proved on this current arena tour they are on. Every city in North America has 18,000 fans who are showing up to witness the cathartic, god-like tones of Tool. The fans clinged onto every note the band played. It truly was a religious experience that I wasn’t expecting.

I missed the first few songs, but caught the rest of the set, and what a set it was. The boys played a good mix of material from all four albums. They saved my favorite song “Aenema” for last. Maynard’s voice was soulfully beautiful as usual, Danny Carey’s technical drumming was awe inspiring, but the true glory for me was witnessing Adam Jones guitar work live. Adam has his own unique style, that is so mesmerising, and surreal, seeing him perform live almost brought a tear to my eyes.

Being surrounded by 18,000 hardcore Tool fans, there was this energy that I have not felt for awhile at live shows. I honestly don’t remember Tool being this captivating from 14 years ago. I guess they have had time to hone their craft. I am definitely not waiting that long again to see the band again live. I have officially been converted.