Man this one hit me like a ton of bricks. This sludgy mass of stoner metal is done with pure, raw conviction. There are so many different styles I hear on The Id Will Overcome. From Sabbath, to Electric Wizard, ┬áto Acid Rain, all of ‘em are put in a blender and spit out in this venomous form.

I love the production on this album. The sound is raw, loud, and rugged, but doesn’t end up meshing into a senseless wall of noise. I haven’t heard vocals this demented since Kirk Fisher’s (Buzzoven fame). This leads to the only minor complaint I have in bands of this ilk. The vocals can tend to be a bit over bearing by the time one gets to the end of the record. The guitar and bass sound on this though, is like a step out of the European stoner rock time machine circa 1998. The only thing that’s missing is the cowbell.

My two personal favorites on this album are the self titled “The Id Will Overcome” and “The Timely Death Of Billy Mays”. Both different animals, but the mauling is just the same. There is even some All Out War style hardcore tinges in the track “Nineties Male”. There is definitely some diversity here, but one things remains constant, all the songs have an element of ┬áheavy groove involved.

So if you’re wondering if those mid 90′s acid stoner metal tones are dead, not a chance. They’re alive and well in the mountain man hills of the Abominable Iron Sloth.

Rating: 7/10