Exodus continue marching the  thrash metal path as the true leaders, proven with their new album Exhibit B: The Human Condition. Gary Holt and the boys have done it again by delivering another batch of solid, pure thrash songs to run in a circle with. Exodus since 2004 are on a role, as every album from Tempo Of The Damned on down has been a solid effort.

The songs are not contained in short bursts. Instead the grooves that are locked in are allowed to breath, and flow. Case in point being “Beyond The Pale”, it takes a back seat for a bit, and then goes straight into headbanging thrashdom. Same goes with my new fave Exodus track “The Sun Is My Destroyer”, this song is now the standard upon which other bands will have to match. Another track, “March of The Sycophants” could have easily been off Fabulous Disaster, as it rides the mid-tempo thrash groove that only Exodus can truly pull off. If you’re looking for songs that charter new territory, you’re in the wrong place. Exhibit B is just pure Bay Area thrash circa 1986.

The key to this band is Gary Holt’s guitar attack, and Rob Dukes patented hellish vocals. Gary is one of the most under rated guitar players in the scene. You never really hear the man’s name dropped all that much in the metal guitar world. Yet Mr. Holt’s sound is unmistakably his own, which really cant be said about some of his peers. The cool thing about Rob Dukes is that he manages to somehow keeps Paul Baloff’s spirit alive, while putting his own originality in the vocals. Rob Dukes is the best thrash metal frontman out there right now (regardless of his idiotic on stage rants).

Another key to the millennium version of Exodus is the production. Andy  Sneap has produced most of the albums since 2004, with the exception of Shovel Headed. Andy’s patented  crisp, clear, tight, yet bombastically heavy sound is the perfect fit for Exodus. If you liked the in your face sonics off Tempo and Exhibit A, then you will be pleased with this new album. I hope they keep Andy Sneap as the producer till Exodus is no more.

Being a hardcore Exodus fan must be nice. The band keeps putting out solid album’s, and constantly tours year round to spread their bloody message to the masses. Now let’s all be nice, when we’re doing the toxic waltz.

Rating: 8/10