Blame it on Southern Lord Records for unleashing the hell that is Black Breath. These Seattle trouble makers spit out a sound so enraptured in late 80′s thrash and early 90′s Swedish death, it makes me want to pull out my Entombed Left Hand Path Tour 1990 longsleeve out of the closet and get thrashin’!

I hear so many influences on this record, rangingĀ from Entombed, Grave, D.R.I., Nuclear Assault, and even a little bit’ of the ol Death Angel. Black Breath don’t stick to just one angle, which is what I like about this record. It’s all over the place, but it works pretty well. Songs like “Escape From Death”, and “Virus” sound totally like something off an old Banzai Records sampler. The album drags on a wee bit during the end, but the real gem on this record “Unholy Virgin” saves the day. This song crushes, and has got the groove from hell that would make Dan Lilker take note.

To compare em’ to the new breed of thrash bands on the scene right now would be unfair. Black Breath have a chunkier, heavier, and more diverse sound than what is coming out form their so called peers. This is raw, from the gut death thrash done with conviction.

Rating: 7/10