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Top 5 albums of 2009

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In no certain order, I present to you my top 6 picks of 2009:



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Just finished listening to some Merauder. The first album Master Killer on Century Media is a classic. I couldnt find it at my local record store so I ordered it through Amazon. This album came out in mid 90′s & it still sounds just as relevant as it did back then. They didn’t make a lot of noise in Western America back then as Century Media did not push them much, other then getting them over to Europe opening up for Fear Factory.

I like everything about Master Killer from the songs, the production (Perris Mayhem of Cro-Mags), & the awesome artwork. My fave tracks on this album are Master Killer, Downfall of Christ & Mirror Shows Black.  As for musicianship…..Jorge Rosado’s vocals are brutal & in your face, while Sob’s (R.I.P.) guitar work is total old school hardcore done New York style.

Master Killer is one of those records that when it came out, no one knew what to think of it, as there was no one doing their style. Merauder were way ahead of their time.  They were one of the first bands to merge Slayer riffs with hardcore aesthetics. Listen to any new hardcore album out these days by present day bands (Thick As Blood, Blood Stands Still, Terror, and Hatebreed..etc) and you will find influences by both Merauder & All Out War.

So go out, grab the album, crank it & punch the guy standing next to you.