My fave hardcore band Hatebreed is coming to town in a few days. I cant beleive they have been around for almost fifteen years now. The first time I saw them live was in Portland in 2000. They were playing on the second stage at the Tattoo The Earth festival that year. They stoled the show that day (along with Amen).

They have been coming to Vancouver for quite a few years now. The first time they came was opening up for Motorhead, and then for Slayer. I have seen them nine times now & they never disappoint. Have the fun of going to a Hatebreed show is the audience, as they give out just as much energy as the band does on stage.

Hatebreed has been through a member change since the last time I saw them in Vancouver a few years ago. Sean Martin is no longer in the band. The old guitarist Wayne Lozinak is back in. Their last album For The Lions was an excellent covers record (Merauder, Bad Brains, Black Flag) and their new self titled album is a return to form. So if these guys come to your town, check them out. Last time in Vancouver they ended their set with Reign In Blood….aaaarrrgh!!! Get in the pit.