Ever have that friend who recommends you an album and says “yeah man this (insert band name) is totally f**cking heavy shit dude! you gotta check it out!”. Then when you do, its sheer utter dissapointment….well thats what watching season one of Madmen was like. I have a friend who told me this was the greatest show ever & that everything about it was brilliant. I ended up taking his advice & let me tell you……thats 13 hours of my life I will never get back.

I watched season one and I couldnt beleive what I was seeing. I know that the creators were trying to replicate a certain time (the sixties), and they succeeded at a level asthetically, but I guess they didnt have enough time to create a decent script. I should have known something did not smell right about this show when the first thing my friend told me was not on things like how great the characters or strories were, but how amasing the outfits were!!

Trust me on this one…go up to a Madmen fan and ask him/her what they think of the show & I will bet you the KISS back catologue that the first thing that will come out of their mouths will be “OH MY GOD…you HAVE to watch this show….they recreate the sixties & the outfits are amasing”….WHO GIVES A FLYING F**K ABOUT THE OUTFITS…GIMME A HALF DECENT STORY! The pace of the show is slow, there are no characters I could connect to, and most of them I wanted to strangle.

The comments of sexism & racism are so simple…yeah lets take the black men & put them in the show as janitors and bellhops so we can paint the picture of the trials & turbulence of the african americans in the sixties (Glen Beck’s audience would love this show). This program is like listening to a POISON album….it insults my intelligence. But then again…like any Madmen fan will tell you “You just dont get it”.